PLUTO is a real estate developer founded by family-based shareholders motivated to build first class properties across the heart of Addis Ababa. Inspired by a shared ambition to be best in Ethiopia and elsewhere, our company is strongly characterized by creativity, high demand for quality and reliability.

                One of our premium construction sites, located in the heart of the capital near AlTad CMC, offers everyone an opportunity to reside in a quality home environment with a 65,000-meter sq. gated compound. Our residences with great architecture and our beautiful apartments with unobstructed views and lasting benefits integrate the standards of quality and the highest comfort. Besides having common facilities in the compound, there are markets, schools, hospitals, recreation centers and all basic infrastructures nearby which makes it a great location with easy access and worthy of a client’s investment.

                Pluto is built upon strong financial foundation, ensuring the building of many houses even before putting them on the market. Working alongside our sister company, Blue Line bldg. construction co., we have a team which ensures that all our developments meet extremely high standards with regard to building quality and also gives exceptional attention to detail and architectural design. 

               Our team is committed to providing a remarkable real estate experience to our customers through transparency, follow-ups and maintains high service standards within the property industry. Pluto puts Ethics first so our sales team guides our customers to make the right investment decision and guarantee a great satisfaction. To realize this, Pluto maintains a self-motivated work environment, on going staff training and involves well-trained professionals who continually strive to put client’s need first and exceed expectations.  

              To be on the first queue to add-up values on real estate developments, which is the major part of master city plan.  To offer everyone the opportunity to reside in a quality home environment and make Pluto the most reliable property developer in Africa. 

             It is our responsible attitude to put our client’s needs first, deliver our services and develop long-term relationships with our customers. Each project is properly monitored from conception to delivery. We guarantee a perfect control of the entire process, costs and deadlines. We take the responsibility to meet the challenges of tomorrow and opt to maximize the rise of our properties’ value. We are committed to provide top quality service to our individual clients and serve our communities by contributing our time and financial resources. We work to obtain a sustainable and competitive share in the industry and maintain being an exemplary property developer in Ethiopia.


  • Excellence in our varied services

  • Reliability

  • Being an exemplary company in the property industry

  • Anticipate our clients’ needs and exceed expectations

  • Offer a modern and affordable living compound

  • Support our employees to advance themselves by sharing expertise

  • Quest for innovation and go hand in hand with technology, Keep a smile on everyone coming in contact with PLUTO.

ETHICS is our core value and all of us at PLUTO are guided by it. We build your houses as if it is ours and make sure your investment is worth every penny. We follow the saying ‘Time respects what is built with passion”. Therefore loving what we do, quality control comes first in our check boards targeting both architecture and construction.

Asteway Getachew

Managing Director

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