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But with more than 6000 m² of Pedestrian friendly garden.

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As one of the top real estate developers in Ethiopia, we build a property with unbeatable and superb value to match your needs.   We give security to your family and risk avoidance to your investment by offering you calm, gated compound with common facilities fitting all. 

A compound well designed by local and international architects who give attention to both aesthetics and functionality.  All our residences and apartments have eye catching views to the gardens, drive ways and common playgrounds.

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​​​​Ideally located compound right at the heart of the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, on CMC Road near ALTAD.  Its proximity to schools, & hospitals, supermarkets & shopping centers along with an easy access to recreational centers, gives it the highest value. There is adequate public transport, as the new rail way station is nearby, and there are three access roads taking you to the compound.

CMC Residential Project

Mr. Mikiyas Assefa,

Sales and Marketing Manager

Superb Value